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Your Next Steps with AMCA

Your Next Steps with AMCA

If you just recently earned an AMCA certification, you may be wondering what’s next. AMCA would like to help you navigate your next steps whether that be finding a job, accessing your candidate portal, keeping your certification current, and more. See below some commonly asked questions regarding your next steps with AMCA.

How can I enhance my AMCA certification?

Certification has become a valuable tool to evaluate a candidate’s skill set.   While most of you may be familiar with our primary certifications for short term non-degree programs, there is a need for stack-able credentials. This level of certification can be used for career advancement, enhancing resumes, higher earnings and more. To learn more, click Essential Soft Skills, Professional Instructor Certificate or our NEW Financial Literacy Certificate program.

How can I keep my certification current?

All AMCA certifications require continuing education to stay current. In order to keep your AMCA certification active, you are required to complete 10 continuing education credits every two years. To learn more, click here.

How can I obtain verification of my certification?

Once you are certified with the AMCA, you will have four different methods for obtaining verification of your certification.

After receiving an email that your exam score has been posted to your candidate account, you will have immediate access to an official AMCA transcript. The AMCA transcript is acceptable documentation when applying for jobs, completion of candidate records, and local & state reimbursement. To view your official AMCA transcript, log into your candidate account here and click on the “Transcript Report” tab.

Certification cards will be processed and mailed back to the Test Site within 10 business days after completion of grading. If there is a typographical error on your certification card, you have 90 days from the exam date to report the error to AMCA in order to receive a new certification card at no cost. To request a new certification card, email

All successful candidates will receive a digital badge via email. The AMCA certification badge is a digital representation of a candidates level of achievement and their ability to perform certain job tasks that are attached to the criteria of earning a national certification.To learn more about how to claim your digital badge, click here.

Lastly, you can order an official AMCA wall certificate. To access our Wall Certificate Order form, click here.


Compliments of Credly/Acclaim our Digital Badge provider, all successful certification and certificate candidates that earn a Digital Badge
will have the ability to download and print or email.  As you can see the quality is quite good and provides Candidates the ability to share with colleagues and friends from the phone or computer.

Click Here to watch a short video with easy instructions on how to print wall certificate: