Scheduling Exam Dates

Scheduling National Certification Exam Dates

All exam dates MUST BE scheduled through the Test Site account at least 14 days prior for the exam date to be available when candidates are registering. If your exam date is not in the AMCA database, the date will not appear as an option for your candidates to select.

Scheduling an AMCA exam is easy and can be managed by the Test Site Coordinator, proctor, or even the instructor. Any assigned role in the test site account can add, manage or schedule exam dates.

Before scheduling an AMCA exam, we recommend that you view the status of your Test Sites Approved proctors. You will only be able to schedule an exam with an Approved Proctor. Now that you have identified your Approved Proctors, proceed to the “Exam Dates” tab on your Dashboard. Once on the Manage Exam page, you will be able to “+ Schedule Exam.”

To successfully schedule an exam date, you will need the following:

  • Exam Modality: Computer-based Test with Live Remote Proctoring, Computer-based with In-Person Proctor or Paper-based with In-Person Proctor
  • Exam Type: Single, 2 Exam Package, 3 Exam Package or 4 Exam Package
  • Estimated # of Test Candidates
  • Payment Options for 1st attempt
  • Payment Option for retakes
  • Exam: Restricted to only programs that are approved for that TS account
  • Exam Date: Must be 14 days in advance
  • Time: Will show time zone of TS
  • Proctor: Will only show approved proctors
If the proctor’s name is unavailable for selection, please click here to review the requirements and how to add a proctor to your account.

Upon request, the AMCA will then prepare 11 x 17 posters with your scheduled exam dates for you to display at the AMCA Approved Test Site.

Welcome to AMCA+ Premier Services

The AMCA has launched its “AMCA+” Premier Services. To support the growing demand for AMCA test sites and exam candidates from around the world, we are launching a series of self-guided training materials. These instructional videos will guide test sites and candidates from creating accounts, scheduling exams, candidate registration, to exam day.

Scheduling Exam Packages

All AMCA test sites are encouraged to learn how our Custom Exam Packages will give test sites control to create exam packages that are truly custom to their educational facility. Custom Exam Packages will allow test sites to support the healthcare employee market in your community, which can lead to high enrollment.

How do Custom Exam Packages work?

It is not much different than our current exam scheduling process. As an approved test site, you can schedule one, two, three, or four exams over one, two, three, or four days. Test sites can still take multiple exams in one day or spread them out over multiple consecutive days. This gives test candidates the option to take breaks between exams, which can lead to a more positive experience. Exam packages are graded individually, allowing a candidate to pass some sections, if not all.

Custom Exam Package Pricing

  • Two Exam Package: $169 – $49 savings (Effective 9/1: $199 – $39 savings) 
  • Three Exam Package: $199 – $119 savings (Effective 9/1: $229 – $128 savings)
  • Four Exam Package: $229 – $207 savings (Effective 9/1: $259 – $217 savings)

Managing Scheduled Exam

After an exam has been added to your test site account, the Test Site Coordinator or any assigned role will be able to manage the scheduled exams and view the actual number of registered test candidates compared to the estimated number of exam testers.

Exam Confirmation

Exam confirmation is required for the exam date to be set up. Exam confirmation can be submitted up to 14 days in advance but no later than 7 days before the scheduled exam. The Test Site Coordinator will receive an automated email as a reminder to log into their Test Site account and approve the upcoming exam. At the 14-day mark, candidates will no longer be able to register.

To approve the exam date, login into the Test Site account and go to the “Exam Date” tab on the left side of the menu bar. Find the exam that needs to be confirmed and select the “Exam Confirmation” icon in the Action column of the exam. If all information is correct, complete and submit the exam confirmation form. If there is any incorrect information, please contact the AMCA for assistance. Once all information is correct, then return to complete and submit the form.

Exam Date Cancelations

An exam date can be canceled or rescheduled at any time before 7 days from the action column or from the exam Confirmation Form. Keep in mind that candidate(s) registration being canceled within 14 days of a scheduled exam date, will be subject to a $25.00 Cancellation Fee.


Successful exam candidates will receive Digital credentials that support the employer’s need to verify a potential employee’s credentials on the spot. AMCA’s Digital Badges allow candidates to share valid credentials through a digital wallet, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even print a full-color wall certificate. The AMCA also provides an AMCA Official Transcript that can be downloaded.

AMCA Certification ID Cards and Wall Certificates are available in bulk for all successful exam candidates for purchase by the Test Site. Test Site Coordinators can log into the test site account, click on “Exam Dates” in the menu bar. Once you have found the exam date look for the “Order Bulk Credential” under the Action column. All bulk certification ID card or wall certificate orders are subject to a 7% or minimum $7.95 shipping and handling fee.

Please allow 21 days for the processing department to complete and ship bulk orders back to the test site. If there is a typographical error on a Certification ID Card or Wall Certificate, you will have 30 days from the tracked delivery date to report the error to AMCA in order to receive a new Certification ID Card or Wall Certificate at no cost, provided the error was by AMCA.

Paper-Based Exam Directions

  • Paper-based exams will be mailed to test site with tracking information, 1-2 weeks before exam date. Once exam date is confirmed by test site the package is prepared and shipped. No additional exams can be added to the paper-based exam date after the exam package has shipped to test site.
  • The AMCA will only send the test site one individualized exam booklet per registered candidate that has been confirmed by test site. Exam booklets are for one-time use by the specified candidate.(All confirmed, processed, printed, and mailed paper-based exams will incur a 5% processing and handling fee. Test sites and candidates are responsible for this fee even if the exam is rescheduled, canceled, or marked Did Not Test (DNT).
  • ALL Paper Based exams MUST be shipped back within 48 hours of the exam administration with the shipping label provided by AMCA. Future exam dates will be affected if exams are not shipped back within 48 hours of the exam administration.
  • Exam packages will be graded within 21 days after being received back at AMCA headquarters in Fairfield, NJ. Candidate’s exam results will post to the candidate’s account, where the candidate will be able to download an official AMCA transcript. Exam results will also be accessible via the “All Access” button using the “History”.
  • Digital Credential for successful candidates will be sent directly to the candidate within 21 days after the grading process is complete.
  • The AMCA grading department will email composite exam reports to the exam proctor after all material for the exam administration has been reviewed. Please be aware that if any registration information or payment is missing, the processing of the exam reports will be affected.

Online Exam Directions

All AMCA national certification exams must be proctored by an AMCA approved proctor. The exam proctor is required to be a staff member of the Test Site issuing the exam but may not have a vested interest in the outcome of the exam.

  • Upon exam confirmation, the AMCA registration department will email the approved exam proctor details of the exam administration 3 to 5 days prior to the scheduled exam. Proctor MUST check their proctor credentials at prior to exam day.
  • It is the obligation of the approved exam proctor to check ID, confirm eligibility and have all candidates sign the supplied exam roster.
  • In order for exam results from an exam administration to be processed, the signed exam roster must be emailed within 48 hours of exam administration to the AMCA Grading Department at
  • Online exam candidates are notified of the exam result immediately following submission for the exam. All official grades and exam results post to a candidate’s account within 24 hours of the exam submission.
  • The AMCA grading department will email composite exam reports to the exam proctor after all material for the exam administration has been reviewed. Please be aware that if any registration information or payment is missing, the processing of the exam reports and ID cards will be affected.