Exam Proctors

Proctoring for the AMCA

All exam administrations will be monitored by qualified proctors who are trained and approved by AMCA. To ensure that proctors are familiar with test center security measures as well as test administration procedures, AMCA provides a mandatory Proctor Training in which proctors receive instructions on checking candidate identification, seating candidates, security of test materials, proctoring, and addressing candidate misconduct.

Proctor Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a staff member of the AMCA Approved Testing Site
  • Not be in a faculty role in the particular program being tested
  • Read and follow the proctor regulations as set forth by the AMCA
  • Maintain confidentiality of exam information including questions, exam materials, and candidate information
  • Complete AMCA Proctor Training
  • Submit the Proctor Training Assessment and Proctor’s Oath (paperless and completely digital).

Adding Exam Proctors to an AMCA Test Site Account

All AMCA certification exams must be proctored by an AMCA approved proctor. The exam proctor is required to be a staff member of the Test Site issuing the exam but may not have a vested interest in the outcome of the exam

To add a proctor, the Test Site Coordinator should do the following:

  • 1) Log into your Test Site account.
  • 2) Click “Roles” in the Menu bar and select “Proctor.”
  • 3) Click “Add New”, complete each required field, select “Proctor” as the role and hit submit.
  • 4) The proctor’s name will now appear in the proctor list as “Pending” until they complete the required AMCA Proctor Training and submit their digital AMCA Proctor Assessment and AMCA Proctor’s Oath prior to the exam date. All approved proctors are valid through the calendar year (December). Proctors must repeat the Proctor Training and submit a new Proctor’s Assessment and Oath annually (January).

Welcome to AMCA+ Premier Services

The AMCA has launched its “AMCA+” Premier Services. To support the growing demand for AMCA test sites and exam candidates from around the world, we are launching a series of self-guided training materials. These instructional videos will guide test sites and candidates from creating accounts, scheduling exams, candidate registration, to exam day.

Incident Reporting for Proctors

Proctors are responsible for monitoring for signs of cheating or other misconduct during the exam. AMCA’s Proctor Training program provides information on the signs of cheating or other irregularities and how to handle them during the exam.

AMCA Certification Board has the right to invalidate exam scores if it suspects that any irregularities or deviations from standard testing policies may have occurred during an examination administration. This includes but is not limited to testing irregularities involving the candidate, test or agents administering the exam (proctor or test administrator). In the event of a candidate violating the testing rules of conduct, the Proctor can suspend the testing session, remove the candidate from the testing session and notify the AMCA by submitting an Incident Form.

Once the proctor’ allegations are investigated by the Certification Board, the AMCA has the right to cancel test scores, and or deem a candidate ineligible to retake any AMCA exam. If necessary, the AMCA reserves the right to contact the candidate’s employer, any regulatory body or law enforcement if necessary.

Essential Proctor Resources for Exam Day

Useful Links for Proctors

  • If you are a Proctor looking to test your credentials before exam day, click here.
  • If you are a Proctor who needs to set or reset your password, click here.
  • If you are a Proctor on exam day who needs to “unlock” a workstation, click here.