Subject Matter Experts

AMCA’s Certification Board utilizes qualified subject matter experts (SMEs) to assist in a variety of exam development activities for it’s certification programs.

Qualified SMEs compose Exam Development Committees and additional, ad-hoc exam development panels for additional projects. These committees are responsible for conducting exam development activities including, but not limited to, item writing, item review, and cut score study activities.

SMEs are selected based on their demonstrated expertise as well as demographic characteristics similar to the candidate population for their assigned certification. SME committees will represent the diversity of the certificant population, to the extent reasonably possible, to include the following demographic characteristics:

  • certifications
  • geographic area(s)
  • years of experience
  • types of experience and job roles/functions
  • current or most recent professional job title
  • workplace setting

SMEs will participate throughout the exam development process. Some overlap among groups of SMEs is acceptable; however, the same SMEs will not be used across multiple committees/tasks. All SMEs, including Examination Development Committee members, are required to sign confidentiality and conflict of interest agreements prior to having access to any examination content.

SME Requirements

The following three requirements must be met in order to be approved as a subject matter expert.

  • Must be certified by AMCA, or hold an equivalent certification or licensure, in the area for which they are applying for AND
  • Must have at least 1 year of experience in the field or relative to the field they are applying for in the United States AND
  • Must be currently working in the respective field in the United States (based on current job title)

Apply to Become an SME

If you would like to apply to become an approved SME, please complete the following two steps below.

All SME submissions must be reviewed and approved by the SME Advisory Committee of the Certification Board. Please allow at least 6 weeks for your submission to be reviewed and receive a response back.