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Clinical Exams
Associate Trichologist Certification (ATC)
Clinical Medical Assistant and PTC/ETC (Combo 2 Exams)
$ 169 (Includes 3 certifications)
Clinical Medical Assistant Certification(CMAC)
$ 139 (Includes 1 certification)
Clinical Medical/Admin. Assistant Certification(CMAAC)(Exam includes Phlebotomy, EKG & Administrative)
$ 199 (Includes 4 certifications)
Dental Support Technician Certification (DSTC)
$ 109
EKG Technician Certification (ETC)
$ 109
Medical Assistant Certification w/EKG (MACE)(Includes EKG)
$ 139 (Includes 2 certification)
Medical Assistant Certification w/PTC (MACP)(Includes Phlebotomy)
$ 139 (Includes 2 certifications)
Medical Assistant Certification(MAC)(NO EKG or Phlebotomy)
$ 109
Mental Health Technician (MHTC)
$ 109
Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC)
$ 109
Patient Care Technician Certification (PCTC)
$ 169 (Includes 3 certifications)
Phlebotomy Technician Certification (PTC)
$ 109
Phlebotomy/EKG Technician Certifications (PTC/ETC)
$ 139 (Includes 2 certification)
Physical Therapy Aide Certification (PTAC)
$ 109
Administrative Exams
Billing & Coding Specialist Certification (BCSC)
$ 109
Electronic Health Records Certification (EHRC)
$ 109
Medical Administrative Assistant Certification (MAAC)
$ 109
Medical Administrative Assistant w/Billing & Coding Certification (MAA/BCSC)
$ 139 (Includes 2 certifications)
Medical Administrative Assistant w/Billing and Coding & Electronic Health Records Certification (MAA/BC/EHRC)
$ 169 (Includes 3 certifications)
Medical Administrative Assistant w/Electronic Health Records Certification (MAA/EHRC)
$ 139 (Includes 2 certifications)
Other Exams
Associate Trichologist Certification (ATC)
Hair Loss Practitioner Certification (HLPC)
Hair Loss Specialist Certification (HLSC)
Professional Healthcare Instructor Certification (PHIC)
$ 195
Trichologist Certification (TC)
Additional Exam Services

Individual Secure Online Proctoring: This service includes the use of a third party and requires an additional fee as outlined below. The fees are pre-determined based on which exam you are taking and the estimated amount of time it will take to complete.

Secure Proctoring Services for up to Four hours (SPS4hrs)(i.e. CMAC, PCTC, MAA/BCSC/EHRC and CMAAC exams) 
Secure Proctoring Services for up to three hours (SPS3hrs)(i.e. PTC/ETC, MACP, MACE, MAA/BCSC, and MAA/EHRC exams)  
Secure Proctoring Services for up to two hours (SPS2hrs)(i.e. MAC, PTC, ETC, MHTC, DST, PTA, NAC, MAA, BCSC and EHRC exams)
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  To provide accurate and complete information and to certify that you are the testing candidate.
  That you are granting the AMCA permission to use your email address for job lead purposes.
  That you have read and understand the AMCA refund policy.
  That any information provided to you during the testing/examination process is the intellectual property of the AMCA and is not to be shared in any manner.

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This does not apply to CTE students.

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