Using Outside CE Material

For general recertification information, please visit our Stay Certified webpage.

The AMCA provides options for certification holders to complete their continuing education credits and renew their certifications. AMCA allows certification holders to complete Continuing Education using materials from outside providers. Credits from outside providers will be reviewed based on the following standards:

  • Relevance to certification(s)
  • Connections to current events or industry trends
  • Application in certified role
  • Related to delivering general healthcare

Credits submitted must meet at least one of the standards above to be accepted.

Using Outside CE to Renew an AMCA Certification

To renew an AMCA Certification, 10 CEUs must first be banked to the eligible certification. These CEUs can be earned through a Career Advancement Volume, Career Advancement Certificate Program, or Outside CEUs.

Submitting Outside CEU credits

  • 1) Log into your AMCA candidate account
  • 2) Go to ”Certifications and Certificates” tab in the left side menu bar.
  • 3) Click “+ Outside CEUs”. CEUs can be submitted at a cost of $11 per CEU (credit hour).
  • 4) Complete and submit form. Please note: 10 CEUs are required for submission.
  • 5) Outside CEUs will be reviewed. Upon approval of 10 CEUs, CEUs earned will be banked to eligible certifications.

Renewing Your AMCA Certification
Once credits banked have reached the 10 CEU minimum, the certification can now be renewed.

If the process is not complete by the certification expiration date, an additional reinstatement fee of $25 will be incurred. If you are beyond the reinstatement period, you could lose your certification.

  • 1) Log into your AMCA candidate account.
  • 2) Go to ”Certifications and Certificates” tab in the left side menu bar.
  • 3) Select eligible certifications.
  • 4) Click “+ Renew Selected Certifications”.
  • 5) Complete and submit. Please note: Certifications will be renewed at a cost of $15 per certification.

When renewal form is received, eligible certifications will be renewed. Updated digital credentials will be issued.

Total cost to candidate: $110.00 plus $15/per certification

Outside CEU Resource: Medline University

The vision at the AMCA is to be a constant resource for allied health organizations by staying abreast of industry changes and federal mandates. With this in mind the AMCA could not be more thrilled to team up with Medline University. Medline University is an outside CE provider that provides educational courses for free. Click the link below to visit their website. (FREE Continuing Education)

Click here for instructions, a list of AMCA Approved CE Courses from Medline University and the corresponding CE credits for each. These courses can:

  • A great resource for instructors as well as candidates
  • Utilized by instructors as activities for in-class instruction
  • Helpful to boost the resumes of certified professionals
  • Acceptable towards the recertification of your AMCA certification

Once you have completed outside CEU programs, you will need to follow the above instructions on “Submitting Outside CEU credits.”

Click here to learn more about your AMCA Certification Credentials.