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Using AMCA CE materials

Below you will find PDF’s of our Continuing Education Booklet. Inside is everything you need in order to complete and submit five continuing education credits. Each Booklet contains 5 CE credits and costs $79.00. Simply download the Continuing Education booklet, read each Continuing Education article, answer the questions on the AMCA Continuing Education Order Form.

Once you have completed the necessary information on the AMCA Continuing Education order form, you can choose to mail or fax to the AMCA.

Mailing Address:

  • American Medical Certification Association
    310 Passaic Ave, Suite 204B, Fairfield, NJ 07004
  • Fax to: 973.582.1801

Online: Ordering and payment for Continuing Education booklets can be completed at:

All AMCA CE order forms must be submited with payment in the form of a credit card or money order. NO personal checks will be accepted.


The AMCA will process all CE orders within 10 business days and you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order / payment. A Digital Badge will be issued for each 5 CE completed. New certification card(s) and a two year extension on all certifications will only be issued after all 10 continuing education credits are completed.

New 8 ½ x 11 wall certificates are available, for a fee of $11.00 per certification.

State requirements

California CMAC CE requirements: California requires its Medical Assistant certificate holders to obtain a minimum of 60 hours of continuing education related to the practice of medical assistants over a 5 year period. All California candidates’ credentials are good for 5 years and during that time frame must accumulate 60 hours of CE in order to renew.