AMCA CE Material

For general recertification information, please visit our Stay Certified webpage.

AMCA offers Career Advancement Certificate and Career Advancement Volumes each worth 10 CEUs that can be completed online for $158.00.

To complete your CEUs online, you must log into your candidate account you created when registering for your initial exam.

Using AMCA CE Material

  • 1 Log into your AMCA candidate account.
  • 2 Go to the “Certification and Certificate” tab in the left side menu bar.
  • 3 Purchase a program or product worth 10 CEUs.
  • 4 Complete the program/product. Upon Completion, CEUs earned will be banked to eligible certifications.

Candidates will receive 30 days to complete a Career Advancement Volume and 60 days to complete a Career Advancement Certificate.

If a program is being used towards continuing education, credits will be awarded to eligible certifications upon completion.

Click here for an informational sheet on AMCA-Provided Career Advancement.

Renewing Your AMCA Certification

Renewing your AMCA certification is a two-step process. To avoid additional recertification fees, please allow 21 days between banking your Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and submitting certification(s) for renewal.

If the process is not complete by the certification expiration date an additional reinstatement fee of $25 will be incurred. If you are beyond the reinstatement period, you could lose your certification.

Once credits banked have reached the 10 CEU minimum, the certification(s) will be eligible for renewal.

  • 1 Log into your AMCA candidate account.
  • 2 Go to the”Certifications and Certificates” tab in the left side menu bar.
  • 3 Select eligible certifications.
  • 4 Click “+ Renew Selected Certifications”.
  • 5 Complete and submit. Please note: Certifications will be renewed at a cost of $15 per certification.

Please allow 21 business days for the Continuing Education Department to process the certification renewal and issue updated digital credentials.

Total cost to the candidate: $158 plus $15/per certification.

Click here to learn more about your AMCA Certification Credentials.