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Keeping Your Certification Current

The purpose of staying certified contributes to professional development by requiring certificants to stay current in their field and enhance their knowledge and skills through participating in continuing education. The AMCA and subject matter experts stay abreast of current events affecting the allied healthcare professionals so therefore they review continuing education credits based on current events, industry mandates and relevance to the field.

The two year period contributes to professional development because it:

  • Allows the certificant enough time to gain employment in the ever changing industry.
  • Provides certificants enough time to gain their credits through their place of employment without the loss of work hours.
  • Ensures that certificants do not go an extended period of time without education and exposure to professional development.

The AMCA certification is good for 2 years from the date of testing. The AMCA recommends 5 Continuing Education credits per year; 10 for the two years. Policies for Continuing Education are established by the AMCA Certification Board. For example, if a candidate tests in February 2012 their certification is valid for 2 years – February 2014. We do allow a thirty (30) day grace period.

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