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Keeping Your Certification Current

The purpose of staying certified contributes to professional development by certificants to stay current in the field and enhance their knowledge and skills through participating in continuing education. The AMCA and subject matter experts attempt to stay abreast of current events affecting the profession so therefore they review continuing education credits based on current events, industry mandates and relevance to the field.

The two-year time period also contributes to professional development because it:

  • allows the certified individual enough time to gain employment in their respective industry
  • provides certified individuals enough time to gain their creditsthrough their place of employment without the loss of workhours
  • ensures that the certified individuals do not go an extended period of time without education and exposure to professional development

The allied healthcare fields are in constant change and all healthcare professionals must stay current with those changes. Education taken outside of the AMCA or through the AMCA are both convenient ways to keep certification current. The AMCA certification is good for 2 years from the date of testing or on 18th birthday. The AMCA requires 10 continuing education credits every two years to keep certification current. Policies for Continuing Education are established by the AMCA Certification Board. For example, if a candidate tests in February 2017 their certification is valid for 2 years – February 2019.

The requirement for 10 continuing education credits ensures certificants complete learning activities that provide multiple opportunities to enhance existing knowledge and provide exposure to new and emerging practice information.  The job analysis and a competitive review of other healthcare certifications are utilized to inform the Certification Board’s decision regarding total CE hours.

The AMCA offers the following two options for fulfilling continuing education credits.

Continuing Education through the AMCA

AMCA offers continuing education volumes each worth 5 CE credits each that can be completed online for $79.00. This means that two volumes would need to be submitted to recertify and meet the 10 CE credit requirement.  The AMCA also offers Career Advancement Home Study Certificate Programs worth 10 CE credits that can be completed and submitted to recertify. AMCA Home Study Certificate Programs are $158.00.

Continuing Education through Outside Credits

Outside education/credits are accepted, however they require the submission of a certificate of completion indicating the candidate’s name, number of hours attended, date of attendance and the title of the course taken. Outside credits are reviewed based on current events, industry trends and relevance to the allied health industry. If the outside credits are deemed relevant, the equivalency is 1 hour = 1 credit. All outside credits are reviewed by the Compliance Department. Outside credits are accepted at $11.00 per credit hour.

Upon submission of recertification, all certificants must agree to the Recertification Agreement which states:

By completing and submitting this form, I agree to the following:

  • All information provided is complete and accurate. 
  • I have read and understand the information in the Candidate Handbook. 
  • I will adhere to all AMCA policies, including the Code of Ethics. 
  • I grant AMCA permission to use my email address for future contact, recertification reminders, etc. 
  • As a certified individual, I will not sue the certification in a misleading manner. If my certification expires, is suspended, or revoked I will discontinue all claims to certification and stop using the certification.

Processing of CE

The AMCA will process all CE orders within 10 business days and you will receive an email confirming receipt of your order/payment. New certification card(s) will only be issued after 10 continuing education credits are completed.

Expired Certifications

  • Candidates will have up to one year to reinstate their expired certification. A $25.00 Reinstatement Fee will be assessed.
  • Candidates that are expired for more than one year are not eligible for reinstatement and are required to re-test.

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