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Paying for Your Exams

Payment Options

Approved test sites have options on how and who pays for AMCA Certification Exam fees:

Student Pay – When choosing this option, exam fees may be paid by the student ONLINE by using their personal Credit Card or by MONEY ORDER when submitting their exam registration forms. No Personal checks are accepted.

Corporate Credit Card – AMCA can keep a designated credit card on file to use as a payment. This card will only be charged for students that test when your organization authorizes AMCA to make the charge. A Credit Card authorization form is required.

Invoicing – This option is granted to AMCA test sites that are in good financial standing and have 5 or more test candidates testing on a specific date. Invoice terms are “Due on Receipt”. For invoicing, please provide your Finance Department contact information on your Test Site application.

Business Check – Business checks are accepted along with exam registration forms.

Purchase Orders and Vouchers – Our finance department can work with your finance department in the handling of purchase orders and or student vouchers.

Finance Forms

W-9 Forms: Many organizations require a completed W-9 Form by AMCA prior to making a payment. Click here for a completed AMCA W-9 Form If you need additional information or forms that may be specific to your organization you may email our finance department at