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Proctoring for the AMCA

Proctors for the AMCA are encouraged to be certified through the AMCA. Site owners/directors are to appoint a proctor/staff member for an exam that does not have a conflict of interest for the exam being offered. It is requested that the Proctor not be in a faculty role in that particular program being tested.

For the paper/pencil exam, the proctor will follow the specific requirements in the Proctor’s Oath regarding exam security, testing conditions, and the return of exam materials. The Proctor has also completed the required Proctor Training on Epath and submitted for a certificate of completion and evidence of the training is kept in the Epath databank.

Proctor Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Attended the proctor training on Epath
  • Read and signed a proctor’s oath and returned it to AMCA
  • Attest that there is no conflict of interest with the group you are assigned to proctor
  • Read and follow the proctor regulations as set forth by the AMCA