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Proctoring for the AMCA

All exam administrations will be monitored by qualified proctors who are trained and approved by AMCA. To ensure that proctors are familiar with test center security measures as well as test administration procedures, AMCA provides a mandatory Proctor Training in which proctors receive instructions on checking candidate identification, seating candidates, security of test materials, proctoring, and addressing candidate misconduct.

Proctor Requirements

  • Complete AMCA Proctor Training   
  • Be a staff member of the AMCA Approved Testing Site   
  • Be at least 18 years of age   
  • Not be in a faculty role in the particular program being tested   
  • Read and follow the proctor regulations as set forth by the AMCA   
  • Maintain confidentiality of exam information including questions, exam materials, and candidate information   
  • Read and sign the Proctor’s Oath, which includes a Conflict of Interest Agreement, and return it to AMCA. AMCA requires proctors sign and comply with its Proctors Oath to protect the interests of all employees and candidates, ensure proctors have no conflict of interest, and to maintain security and fairness of its exams.   

Adding Exam Proctors to an AMCA Test Site Account

All AMCA national certification exams must be proctored by an AMCA approved proctor. The exam proctor is required to be a staff member of the Test Site issuing the exam but may not have a vested interest in the outcome of the exam.

To add a proctor to your AMCA Test Site account:

1) Go to www.AMCAexams.com.

2) Log into your Test Site account.

3) Click the “Proctor List” button.

4) Enter Proctor Name and Email address, hit submit.

5) The proctors name will now appear in the proctor list as “pending” until they complete proctor training and submit “Proctor Oath”. Upon completion of the AMCA Proctor Training and submission of the Proctor’s Oath, proctors are approved for 1 year. After 1 year, they must repeat the Proctor Training and submit a new Proctor’s Oath.

Covid-19 State of Emergency in NJ, Effective Immediately: The AMCA will be operating with limited staff at the office, and all others are working from home. Please be patient, we are here to help you through this difficult time. Stay Safe!