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AMCA certification exams are administered at testing facilities that have been approved by the AMCA. To become an AMCA Approved Test Site, organizations must apply and complete a Test Site Application which is reviewed by select AMCA staff. At minimum, AMCA Approved Test Sites must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a physical commercial space (cannot be residential)
  • Have a main contact who serves in an administrative role at the institution or organization
  • Have adequate space for testing candidates
  • Be able to provide candidate with a testing environment that is well lit, comfortable, and quiet

AMCA has hundreds of approved test sites across the US. All AMCA exams are administered Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 7:00 PM EST and Saturdays between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM EST. However, hours of operation and exam administration times could vary depending on the test site.  Candidates can contact AMCA to assist them with locating an AMCA approved test site in their area.

Becoming an AMCA Test Site

How can your institution become an official AMCA test site?

To become an AMCA Approved Test Site, organizations can complete a Test Site Application. The AMCA Test Site Application requires the respective organization to include information such as a main contact, address, phone number, website, payment method, certification exams that they would like to administer, etc. Then an appointed AMCA staff member reviews the application and either approves, denies, or requests more documentation based on the submission. Once approved, test sites can then schedule, order, and administer AMCA exams. AMCA Approved Test Sites are also sent an official AMCA Approved Test Site banner to be displayed when AMCA exams are administered. If denied, test sites can reapply. There is no fee to apply to become an AMCA Approved Test Site.

When a Test Site Application is received, it is reviewed by an appointed AMCA staff member. The AMCA staff member reviews the application and verifies the information provided in regards to the following:

  • Main Point of Contact
  • Contact Information
  • Payment Method
  • Certification Programs
  • Other areas that may be looked into include but are not limited to: social media, business reviews, state approvals, regulations and recognitions, standing with Department of Education (if applicable), ADA compliance, etc.

International Test Sites

The AMCA is a US-based certification agency. All certifications were created based on the roles of personnel in the US healthcare system. However, organizations outside the US may be approved to become an AMCA Approved Test Site if they meet all the requirements.

International test sites must meet all the same requirements and follow the same protocol as US- based test sites with the following exceptions:

  • The only testing modality available is computer-based testing (CBT). This increases security and decreases risk associated with shipping exams to international locations or transmitting exams for printing.
  • Candidates from international test sites only receive their credentials in digital form (digital badge, AMCA official transcript). This increases security and decreases the wait time for certificants caused by mailing certificates internationally.

AMCA Test Site Application