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Navy’s Credentials Program Office/Navy COOL

850.454.6683/6664; DSN 459.6683/6664

AMCA is approved by NavyCOOL for the following certification exams:

  • Clinical Medical Assistant Certification (CMAC)
  • Clinical Medical Administrative Assistant Certification (CMAAC)
  • Phlebotomy Technician Certification (PTC)
  • EKG Technician Certification (ETC)
  • Phlebotomy/EKG Technician Certification (PTC/ETC)
  • Patient Care Technician Certification (PCTC)
  • Medical Administrative Assistant Certification (MAAC)
  • Mental Health Technician Certification (MHTC)

Credentials and their Requirements

In order to find out what National Certification Exam you may qualify for, please submit a copy of your JTS/Smart Transcript to the AMCA compliance department at Our compliance department will review and respond via email within 5 days with your exam eligibility.

Redeeming your Voucher

  • Open, print and complete the AMCA exam registration form.
    DO NOT fill in any payment information:     Exam Registration Form (click here)
  • As soon as you have your registration forms complete, fax it to 850-452-6897 or scan and email to Navy Cool will make payment of the exam fees to AMCA on your behalf.
  • Upon completion of step 2, Navy COOL will notify you when the funding is in place via email.
  • Once the funding process is completed, you will be responsible for arranging the testing location, times, ect., through the AMCA at 888.960.AMCA(2622). You will then be contacted via email of the steps necessary to set up your test date.

Setting Up Your Exam

Finding a Test site Options

Option 1:
Military Base: Most military bases have a Testing Services Center for Service men and women to take national certification exams. If you are still on base we recommend that you utilize this service because they are set up for administering certification exams with proctors.

Option 2:
Naval Hospital: If you are a Hospital Corpsman and working at a one of the Naval Hospitals, it is common for one of your supervisors to administer and proctor the AMCA National Certification Exam in an office or class room at the hospital.

Option 3:
Local Library: If you have already transitioned out and are no longer near a Naval base, you can find a local library to challenge the AMCA National Certification Exam. The AMCA will need the name, email address and phone number of the librarian willing to be the proctor for the exam.

Proctor Oath

Every National Certification Exam must be proctored. Proctors are approved by the AMCA compliance department and must be at least 18 years of age and be of a higher rank than the tester.

Print the Proctor Oath and have your proctor sign it. Then fax it to the AMCA compliance department at 973.582.1801, attention Military Division Proctor Oath.


Test must be completed within 60 days from receiving funding letter and exams results must be reported to !!! This is Your Responsibility


Once you have selected a credential, reviewed any requirements, and obtained any additional training or experience needed, you are ready to apply for and take the credentialing exam. Follow the credentialing boards’application procedures which often include:

  • Submitting an application
  • Submitting documentation of military training and experience
  • Taking an exam
  • Possibly paying application and exam fees

After you’ve earned the credential, make sure you are aware of anyrequirements to keep your credential active. Check with the AMCA regarding the following items:

  • Is there a renewal period for the certification and if so, how long is it? Many certifying agencies require you to renew your certification after a period of time, for example every three years.
  • Are there renewal requirements? Credentialing agencies may require additional training or education, commonly called continuing education, after you earn a credential to demonstrate up-to-date knowledge. Others may require that you take the certification exam again at the end of the renewal period. Renewal requirements, and costs, will vary by credentialing agency.
  • The Army does not currently pay for certification fees; however, there are resources available to pay for some of the fees. The Army’s Tuition Assistance Program (TA) provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a Soldier’s professional and personal development goals. Soldiers interested in using TA for credentialing fees or supplemental training can contact an Army Education Center and meet withan education counselor. The following site provides a listing of education centers worldwide –
  • Soldiers can receive a maximum of $4,500 per fiscal year for 100 percent of tuition costs, or up to $250 per semester hour, whichever is less. This rateis based on the uniform tuition assistance policy the Department of Defenseimplemented across the military services in October 1998. With regard to use of tuition assistance for certification purposes, tuition assistance is authorized for courses that lead to certification. The courses must be offered by accredited academic institutions, although the institution may contract with a learning network or courseware vendor to provide courses or training.
  • If the Service Member participates in the Montgomery GI Bill, they can get reimbursed for exam fees (up to $2,000 per test). For more information and to find out whether you qualify for this benefit, please see the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Licensing and Certification Brochure

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