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study-guide After registering for an AMCA certification exam, all candidants will receive via email a PDF of an AMCA Study Guide. All AMCA study material is included in the exam cost.This exam prep study guide is intended to be used as reinforcement for what you have already learned. It is not intended to replace classroom learning or notes that you have already taken. Instead, use what you have already learned, and the notes that you have taken in addition to your textbook that are a great reference while you are studying.

Our study material is FREE, as we are the only company that includes:

  • Study material
  • Practice tests
  • Study “On-The-Go” with Quizlets

Test taking Tips

All of the certification exams offered by AMCA consist of multiple choice questions. You will have a set time in which to complete the exam. When taking the test, always apply these test taking strategies:

  • Look for distracters in the question such as the words, not, always, exactly, first, next, etc.
  • Read all the answers
  • Eliminate the ones that you know are incorrect
  • Narrow it down to 2 possible answers
  • Choose the BEST possible answer

Online Exam Review

Exam Practice Tests –

Need a little extra help to study? The AMCA has online or paper/pencil exam practice tests available at no cost to the exam candidate. This exam prep is intended as a review of material that is already learned. If taken online, the test candidate will have access to the material for approximately 1 week. This will allow the candidate to come back to study or simply practice to get in the test mode. We have online or paper/pencil practice tests available in the following test categories:

  • Clinical Medical Assistant
  • Medical Administrative
  • Billing/Coding Specialist
  • ETC
  • Electronic Health
  • Patient Care – no PTC/ETC

AMCA Study Materials-On the Go!


Some features that Quizlet will bring to your students:

  • Flashcards
  • Learner
  • Scatter Game and Race Game
  • Practice Exams
  • Frequently missed terms

Click the link above and it will take you to the desktop site. This is where you will find a list of AMCA study guides.

Quizlet is also available in the App Store. This will let students bring their study material on the go!

Download the App, Quizlet, and take the AMCA study guides wherever you go.

Type in AMCAExams under users and begin studying!

For further information, contact our registration department at or 888-960-2622 x116.

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