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How To Register

Registering for the AMCA certification exams is quick and easy.

The AMCA recommends that candidates register as far in advance as possible. Exam candidates will not be able to submit an exam registration within SEVEN days of the scheduled exam date.

If you DO NOT have an AMCA account, CLICK HERE to register. If you would like to register for additional certification exams, do not create a new account. Please login to your existing AMCA account and use the “Exam Registration” tab.

You can use a Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard to secure your exam date and time. No pre-registration is complete without full payment.

To complete an online registration form, you must have the following information available: 

More Information

  • Test Site Name
  • Exam Delivery Method: Online or Paper Based
  • Exam date determined by Test Site: Registration must be SEVEN days before the scheduled exam date. No exam registrations will be accepted within seven days of the scheduled exam.
  • Payment Method: Paid by Test Site or Self-Pay. All payment methods will be verified. Please see more information about payment options below.

Payment Options

Paid by Test Site

If your test site is covering the cost of your exam, please select “Paid by Test Site”. It is advised to check with your Test Site to see if they are covering the cost of the exam or the test candidate is responsible for payment. All exam registration payment methods are verified with the Test Site prior to confirming the exam registration.


If self-pay is selected, payment from the candidate is required in order to successfully submit the Registration Form. AMCA accepts Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard as acceptable payment methods. Personal checks are not accepted. 

Exam Retake Policy

If candidates are not successful in their first exam attempt, they will have two more opportunities to retake the exam. After the first unsuccessful attempt, there is a designated 30-day waiting period before the candidate can test again. After a second unsuccessful attempt, there is a designated 60-day waiting period before the candidate can test again. Each candidate has a maximum of three attempts. All testing, including the second and third, attempt must be completed within 1 year of the date of the first attempt. If the candidate does not successfully pass the exam after the third attempt, they can re-apply 1 year from the date of their initial exam attempt.

Exam Cancellation Policy

If a candidate wishes to cancel an exam date, first a written notice must be submitted 5 business days in advance of the original exam date to the Registration Department ( Once written notice is received, you must complete the Refund Request Form in order to receive a refund, minus a $25 Administrative Fee. NO exam fee will be refunded for any reason on or after the scheduled exam date.

Exam Prep Material

Once an exam registration is received, each student will be sent an email with three forms of exam preparation:

  • A PDF of the study guide
  • A link to online practice exams, that will be available until the night before the exam
  • A link to Quizlet to allow your students to study-on-the-go

Please click here for more information on AMCA’s Prep Material.

Exam Reminders

Exam reminders will automatically be emailed to exam candidate seven and three days before scheduled exam.

Covid-19 State of Emergency in NJ, Effective Immediately: The AMCA will be operating with limited staff at the office, and all others are working from home. Please be patient, we are here to help you through this difficult time. Stay Safe!