Exam Prep Material

Candidates are strongly encouraged to prepare for all AMCA certification exams in advance. The AMCA is the only certification agency that includes prep material at no additional cost to the candidate or approved test site.

The following exam prep material is included in the exam fee:

  • Certification Program Outline (CPO)
  • Exam Blueprint
  • Study guides
  • Online Practice tests
  • Study On-The-Go with Quizlet

Once registration is complete, candidates will have immediate access to AMCA Prep Material. To access it, candidates should log into their candidate account and click the “All Access” button in the top right corner of the dashboard. Candidates can access prep material at any time from the completion of registration until 11:59 PM the night before the scheduled exam.

All candidates will automatically receive immediate access to the prep materials. If you are not registered and would like to request prep material access, please click here.

Study Guides

Candidates will have access to the AMCA Study Guides in PDF format that can be downloaded and used to prepare for AMCA certification exams.

Practice Tests

Candidates will have access to practice tests up until 24 hours before their scheduled exam. The practice tests allow candidates to familiarize themselves with our online testing platform. Candidates can use up to 5 attempts for each practice test, and rationale and feedback for each practice question is provided.

The practice tests are provided as a free prep material resource by AMCA. Practice tests can be utilized for up to 5 attempts up until 11:59 PM EST the night before a scheduled exam.

Practice tests are designed to:

  • Familiarize the tester with the testing platform
  • Familiarize the tester with the style of exam questions
  • Serve as an additional resource for prep material

Please be aware of the following limitations
of the practice tests:

  • Any questions on the practice tests will NOT appear on an operational certification exam verbatim.
  • Performance of the practice tests are not a direct predictor of performance on an operational certification exam.
  • Memorization of practice test questions is not a recommended studying strategy.
  • The Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who developed the practice tests did not have access to the operational certification exam. All questions that appear on the practice tests were created by an SME to align with a job task on the corresponding exam blueprint.


AMCA has a Quizlet account to offer candidates studying on-the-go. This can be accessed via a webpage or you can download the Quizlet App from the App Store. Quizlet offers exam preparation in the form of flashcards, games and more!


This prep material is intended to be used as reinforcement for what you have already learned. It is provided as a courtesy by the AMCA to be used as an optional resource. All prep material is developed independently from the Certification Board, and it is not required, endorsed, recommended, or approved by the Certification Board.