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What is a digital badge?

The AMCA Certification Badge is a digital representation of one’s skills, high level of standards, achievements and ability to perform specific job tasks attached to passing the AMCA  Certification Exam. Because digital badges are issued and verified online, unlike paper certificates, they make it easy for you to demonstrate your competencies to employers and peers. Each digital badge has a unique URL that can be shared electronically via social media, in your email signature, or on a job application. From that URL, an employer can tell:

  • The name of your certification
  • The test requirements
  • That this is third party validation of a skill set specific to the national exam
  • When you earned this and whether this expires

These badges are verified; they’re much more valuable because AMCA stands behind your certification and attests to your achievement. And did you know, according to a recent LinkedIn study, profiles with certifications and badges receive six times the number of profile views? That’s powerful currency in a job search.


How a Digital Badge works

Developer: is the institution who desires to award a badge recognizing a skill or knowledge.

Issuer: have the technical capability to encrypt the badge to those receiving a badge from the developer.
Learner: are those who are rewarded for completing different projects, demonstrating various skills, and/or passing a standard-based credential.
Displayer: or badge host organization includes Online servers such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or These groups provide space for learners to display their achievement through an online environment.
Viewer: can be employers, post secondary recruiters or friends. Viewers are the people interested in the earners competencies.
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