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Phlebotomy/EKG Technician Certification

Combo Exam includes 2 certifications: PTC and ETC

Abbreviation of Certification: PTC/ETC

Fee charged for the exam: $139.00 (Study Material Included)

Description and purpose of test

The purpose of this combination exam is to offer individuals the opportunity to be dually certified in these two areas. It increases their marketability as well as opportunities afforded to them. (See PTC and ETC individual certification for more details)

The test is comprised of 100 questions:

The breakdown is as follows: Rhythms and waves, lead placement, Law and Ethics, Patient care, patient ID and site prep, order and equipment selection, specimen collection/processing, safety and infection control.

*The AMCA recommends a minimum of 30 venipunctures, 10 capillaries and 10 successful EKG’s, upon completion of a clinical program. The laws and regulations pertaining to minimum requirements and the allied health industry vary by state. It is highly recommended that test candidates familiarize themselves with their particular states rules and regulations regarding certification requirements.

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