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Financial Literacy Certification

Certification is becoming a valuable tool to evaluate a candidate’s skill set. While most of us are familiar with primary certification for short term non-degree programs, there is an upcoming need for secondary certification. This level of certification can be used for career advancement, enhancing resumes, higher earnings and more.

Name of Certification:

Student Financial Literacy Certification Exam

Abbreviation of Certification: SFLC

Fee charged for the exam: $49 (Study Material Included)

Description and purpose of test

The Student Financial Literacy Secondary Certification exam covers topics critical to compliance and the success and placement of your graduates.

Topics Include:

Money management, student loans, personal finance, credit scores, debt repayment, Gainful Employment, and assets and liabilities.

The test is comprised of 25 questions: Topics covered include

  • Types of Loans
  • Government funding
  • Personal Finances
  • Credit Scores/Ratings
  • Financial terminology

Prerequisite education and training:

Attendance at a live Dollar Camp workshop or completion of the DollarCamp online training.