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Billing Coding Specialist Certification

Abbreviation of Certification: BCSC

Fee charged for the exam: $109.00 (Study Material Included)

Description and purpose of test:

The Billing Coding Specialists’ responsibilities have flourished within the last decade. The Billing Coding Specialists, also known as the Reimbursement Specialist, Coding Specialist, or health information technologists, are accountable for sustaining and correctly reporting all patient data. As professionals, they maneuver health information to safeguard its’ quality through a methodical process of analysis and oversight. The rudimentary understanding of medical terminology, patient care, and general office skills are common services all Billing and Coding Specialist must demonstrate.

A Billing Coding Specialists duty may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Telephone Techniques
  • Computer and Technology Handling
  • Medical Coding, Billing and Collection Practices
  • Billing and coding for insurance purposes
  • Written and Verbal Communications
  • Professional Office Environment Operations

The test is comprised of 100 questions in Billing and Coding:

The breakdown is as follows: Billing/billing regulations, anatomy and physiology/medical terminology, CPT/HCPCS, ICD, Regulations/guidelines and types of insurance

Allotted time for examinees is 2 hours.

BCSC Exam Pass Fail Statistics Since Inception

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