Career Advancement

“73% of adults have become Lifelong Learners”

AMCA is proud to announce its newest Career Advancement Certificate Program (CACP) division. The CACP division will deliver home study courses and assessments. Unlike our national certification exams, these programs have low stakes assessments that can be taken without a proctor. Individuals may choose to challenge these programs at home, while institutions may find other creative ways to implement these Career Advancement Certificate Programs as a bonus to programs they are already offering. There are no eligibility requirements to enroll and take a Career Advancement Certificate Program. These programs are not industry specific and compliment any profession.

Certification has become a valuable tool to evaluate a candidate’s skill set. While you may be familiar with primary certifications for short term non-degree programs, there is a need for stackable credentials. These self-study programs are recommended for candidates looking to:

  • Gain a “competitive edge” in today’s job market
  • Fill their resumes with reputable, stackable credentials

Studies have shown that stackable credentials can lead to job security, as well as higher earnings for candidates.

CACP Course Fee

$158.00 (Self-Guided Program and Assessment)

CEU’s: Worth 10 CEU

Continuing Education Credits count towards AMCA certification or recertification.

Prerequisite Education and Training

Career Advancement Certificate Programs do not have any prerequisites in regard to age, education level, or prior experience. While there are no eligibility requirements to take these programs, it is recommended that they be taken in conjunction with a career foundations course.

Allotted time for Program and Assessment

Open for 60 days from date of purchase

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