AMCA Certification Board

The AMCA Certification Board was established in 2013 to be an autonomous and independent board of the AMCA, LLC. The AMCA Certification Board complies with national accreditation standards set by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

The Certification Board has independent decision-making authority for all essential certification program policies which include:

  • Eligibility requirements for initial certification
  • Recertification, or renewal, requirements for maintaining certification
  • Examination content, development, and cut scores
  • Examination administration
  • Complaint, grievance, and disciplinary processes
  • Certification program related committees and subject matter expert panels
  • Certification Board meeting rules, agendas, meetings, and board policies
  • Published information related to certification and recertification
Second Photo: Cover photo form Policy and Procedure HandbookThe AMCA Certification Board is made up of highly qualified volunteers who are experienced, respected individuals and leaders in their profession. The composition of the Certification Board includes voting members, a Board Chair, and Vice Chair and the Executive Director (non-voting).The AMCA Certification Board includes a representation of various stakeholder groups including certified members from the professions, the public, and the healthcare industry. The Certification Board operates in the best interest of the public, the industry and certified members of the AMCA by establishing clear guidelines, quality testing materials, and policies and procedures.

Certification Board Purpose Statement:

  • Judy Vasquez
    Board Chair, Certified Board Member, Nominating Committee Chair
    Credentials: PTC, MAAC, BCSC*, EHRC, CMAC, ETC
  • Deborah Goulian
    Public Board Member
  • Alexandra Della Terza
    Healthcare Representative Board Member
  • Herman Elliot
    Certified Board Member
    Credentials: MAAC, BCSC*, PHIC, CMAC, PTC, ETC
  • Glen Rada
    Certified Board Member
    Credentials: CMAC, PTC, ETC
  • Zia Rivera-Clarkson
    Certified Board Member
    Credentials: BCSC*, EHRC, MAAC
  • Carlie Farina
    Executive Director (non-voting)
  • Patrick Sullivan
    Certified Board Member
    Credentials: CMA, CPCT, CPHI, ASHS, RN
  • Jesse Curley:
    Certified Board Member
    Credentials: CMAC, MAAC, MCBC
  • Jay Levai:
    Certified Board Member
    Credentials: AEMT, CCMA, CMHT, LTP, PIC, AHI, MHRO

*Please note: The MCBC credential went by the designation Billing and Coding Specialist (BCSC) for certification holders who earned their initial certification prior to May 11th, 2018. The credential name changed from Billing and Coding Specialist (BCSC) to Medical Coder and Biller (MCBC) on May 11th, 2018 following extensive market and job research. There is no fundamental program difference between the credential BCSC (earned prior to 5/11/2018) and MCBC (earned on or after 5/11/2018).