About AMCA

American Medical Certification Association is headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey. The American Medical Certification Association (AMCA) was established with the vision of enhancing the allied healthcare industry by providing national certification exams that validate the knowledge and expertise of professionals in this field.

AMCA is a US-based certification agency. All certifications were created based on the roles of personnel in the US healthcare system, however organizations outside the US may also be approved to offer AMCA certification exams. As a result, AMCA’s certification exams have been taken by tens of thousands of candidates in all 50 states and internationally.

Additionally, the AMCA collaborates and actively participates in the allied healthcare industry to serve as a support network for allied healthcare professionals. The AMCA participates actively in local, state, and national organizations to strengthen its’ ties to the industry.

AMCA creates and distributes certification exams to a specific target audience. This consists of candidates who have completed training in an industry-specific program that aligns with one of the AMCA certification exams. The purpose of the certification exam is to demonstrate that each successful exam candidate has the opportunity to validate their skill set in their field of study.

Certification is to attest as being true or as represented as meeting a standard. Certification also demonstrates an individual’s skill and expertise in a subject matter and advancement in their profession. It is through a set of standards that the American Medical Certification Association Certification Board has developed each of its exams for certification.